Establishing companies

Company Establishment

We contribute to enabling the merchant to start practicing his commercial activities by preparing and drafting various types of company establishment contracts. We handle the necessary procedures for registering company systems and establishment contracts, as well as amending them. We issue commercial records, licenses, and other requirements, provide relevant legal consultations, and attend board of directors meetings and general assemblies.

Intellectual Property Rights

The group, through a specialized team, takes responsibility for the procedures related to registering intellectual property rights, such as copyright for works, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, and licensing rights. Necessary measures are taken to protect clients from infringement on their relevant rights. We provide legal consultations regarding ensuring the protection of these rights. We have a special interest in our clients’ interests, ensuring the safeguarding of their intellectual property rights and avoiding any infringement on the rights of others.

Legal and Procedural services

Preparation of Work Organization Regulations

Since work organization regulations are the foundation that contributes to creating a disciplined, committed, and productive environment in your establishment, we prepare and draft work organization regulations based on sound legal principles and in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. We then submit the regulations for approval from the ministry.

Legal Studies and Consultations

Achieving and maintaining success in the field of legal work is not an easy task. It is challenging to align business operations with the ever-changing laws and regulations on a daily basis. This is where the role of a lawyer comes into play. Our team ensures the provision of legal consultations after thorough analysis and extensive studies. Following this, we guide you towards the specific and correct legal path that you need to undertake, ultimately protecting your interests and saving time and effort.

Studies & Consultancies


In order to achieve our clients’ maximum goals, we do not limit ourselves to serving their basic legal needs. Instead, we strive to accomplish their other essential objectives related to the importance of regularly reviewing government agencies concerning their issues. Since they are our partners in success, their success is dependent on ours.
Industial Services


Issuing power of attorneys, authenticating company contracts and partners’ decisions, real estate transactions, releases, sales and mortgages, documenting all contracts and transactions between the parties.

Our Services

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 Ben Arafa is a Sharia and legal consultancy group. They offer services such as Sharia law consultation, legal advisory services, contract drafting and review, dispute resolution, legal representation, family law and personal status matters, and legal training and workshops.

 While Ben Arafa specializes in Sharia law, they also offer services in other areas of law, including civil and commercial law, family law, property law, and inheritance law. Their legal experts can assist clients with various legal matters.

 Ben Arafa provides expert consultation on Sharia law matters, offering interpretation and application of Islamic legal principles. They can assist clients in understanding the implications of Sharia law in their specific situations and provide guidance accordingly.