Last Updates: 1 January, 2024.

Visitors to the site should check, from time to time, any updates of the privacy policy on our group’s website. The group shall not be responsible for any updates it makes that are not viewed by visitors.
If the group updates the Privacy Policy at any time on the group’s website, the date of the last update will be mentioned in the introduction to the privacy policy to notify the visitor about any new updates.

Definitions: the following terms shall mean what is associated with them wherever they are mentioned in the Privacy Policy.
Group: Musa Mohammed Abdullah Arfa group for Advocacy and legal Consultation.
Order(s): the kingdom of Saudi Arabia uses the term order (s) in instead of the term law (s).
Regulation: the executive regulation of the data protection law.
Site: the website of the group:
Visitor: any user of the group’s website who make browsing or communicating through it.
Personal data: any statement-Whatever its source or form-that leads to the identification of an individual specifically, or makes it possible to identify him directly or indirectly.

Data we collect about you.

We do not originally collect any personal data about site’s visitors because the site is an just an introductory of the group’s activities, but site’s visitors can communicate with us by registering their personal data with their own decision, in this case the personal data we collect about the visitors are as follows:
1. Name
2-Phone number

The mechanism of collecting data.

The data is entered by the site visitors themselves without any intervention by the group.
The purpose of collecting data.
The site is just an introductory for the group’s services and an electronic interface to identify what we provide of services; therefore, the purpose of collecting data is in response to site’s visitors who, according to their consent and desire, can register his basic data to communicate with us to benefit from our services.

Group obligations:

The group is committed to the personal data protection order (Law) and its regulation and is committed to maintain user data. the group is committed to the duties imposed by the legal profession rules to maintain the confidentiality of its clients and its visitor data and information.
Therefore, the group uses an electronic system and work method to limit access to the information of visitors to the site, and the group does not ask visitors of the site to provide their information in exchange for using the site, unless the visitor communicates with the group through the communication channels indicated on the pages of the site. the group is committed not to publish any of the information and contacts received from its visitors.

Finally, the group takes preventive measures to protect any data that may be updated by visitors to the site, and the group trains its employees to maintain the visitor’s information related to it.

Terms and conditions

Musa Mohammed bin Arfa group for Advocacy and Legal consultation is a licensed law firm headquartered in Musa bin Nusair Street-Olaya-Riyadh City-Saudi Arabia.
The group operates in accordance with the laws in force in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The group publishes the information on this site as information of a general nature derived from its legal and legitimate sources, and this information should not be considered as legal advice.
The information is published on the site in accordance with the applicable law at the time of its publication, it is necessary to be aware of the constantly changing of laws and regulations, which may cause the information to be not matching by the laws in the future.

Duties of the visitor:

The visitor shall not use the information contained on the group’s website in bad faith. visitor shall also comply with intellectual property and copyright laws when viewing any information, designs or images on the group’s website.


If the visitor provides personal information or data through the communication channels, this shall consider a consent from him to accept the group’s use of such information or data to the extent and the limits of providing the service in question, however this consent shall not be deemed a consent to the group to publish such information and data.
The visitor shall be solely responsible for the correctness and validity of the information and data it provides to the group through the site

General provisions:

The group is not in an “existing ” business relationship with any of the entities and companies whose logos appear on the pages of the site. Any companies or trademarks found on the pages of the group shall not be considered, in any way, an existence of any partnership, Agency or affiliates between the group with such companies and trademark.
The group shall not assume any responsibility of any content on other sites leading to the group’s site, and the group shall have the right to stop and block any link in any way from any site that contains topics that are irregular or violate any intellectual property rights, privacy rights or any other rights protected by the law.

Virus protection

The group makes its best efforts to check and test the contents of the site at all stages of production, and it’s advised that visitor shall always runs an anti-virus program on all materials downloaded from the site or from internet pages in general. The group shall not responsible for any loss, interruption or damage to data, computer or any device used for browsing by the visitor that may occur while connecting to this site or when using material from this site.

Copyright notice

This site is owned by the group, as well as all the information and software graphics (contents). it is prohibited, in any way, to sell, license, rent, modify, copy, reproduce, reprint, upload, advertise, transmit, distribute, publicly display, edit or create derivative works from any materials or contents from this site to the public or for commercial purposes. any modification of any of the contents of the site is strictly prohibited. The graphics and images on this website are protected by copyright, trademarks and other forms of proprietary rights and shall not be reproduced or exploited in any way.

By using our site, you agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of the judicial authorities in the city of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to resolve any dispute may arise from the use of the site.