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Ben Arafa Group is proud of being a Saudi Law Firm that provides specialized legal consultations and services, along with innovative solutions, to help its clients achieve their interests. This is facilitated by a team of qualified lawyers and experienced consultants, confirming its ability to handle a wide range of legal matters professionally. This aligns with the ongoing developments and qualitative leaps in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group also values the importance of building sustainable relationships with its clients inside and outside the Kingdom, providing them with legal support of high quality and professionalism.  Finally, the group firmly believes in the role of the legal profession to serve the social responsibility.



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as individuals looking to keep in pace with this development.

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 Its other members including Advocate Mosa ben Mohammad ben Arafa, a former advisor in Ministry of Interior, Advocate/ Fawaz ben Fahid Almabki, former advisor in the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, Former Judge/ Ibrahim ben Mohammad Almahesia and other members whose practical expertise are varied in a number of fields ranging from employment in the judicial, legislative, and executive authorities, their academic certificates are varied with all its degrees ranging between Sharia & law inside the Kingdom and abroad.

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Due to all the competitive competency, Ben Arafa aims to achieve the leadership and excellence of providing a high quality of legal services in the kingdom. This is accomplished through the effective and professional legal practice and the added value services out clients get from our legal services

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Direct and effective daily communication with clients, government entities, and judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to provide the best services that align with the rapid developments in issuing and updating regulations within the Kingdom. This is accomplished through our high legal expertise and skills.