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Bin Arafa Group for Legal and Legal Consultants is keen to inform you of the most important news related to your business, labor and commercial activities and the legal updated information correlated with it. We provide you with the latest legal news published in the local newspaper this week which may affect your business. We illustrate Herein below the latest news:


Seasonal discounts have become electronic

The Ministry of Commerce has made it possible for enterprises to obtain licensing of making discount electronically on the Ministry’s website as of February 8, 2024.



New regulation on internal Hajj and Umrah service Law

A NEW AMENDMENT of the jurisdiction concerning issues herein with the disputes of the objections to the cost of Hajj and Umrah services established by the Ministry and the consequent impairment of the performance of Hajj and Umrah, A NEW AMENDMENT has been established that the jurisdiction to be subject to the Sharia courts.



Civil Transactions law

The Civil Transactions Act states that in the case of avoidance or invalidity of the contract, the contractors shall revert to the situation in which they were prior to the contract. This means that the contract shall be considered only in special provisions such as the dispute settlement clause and the confidentiality clause, and it is also stipulated that if the contract was partially null and void, the contract’s effect shall not ¬†extend to the remainder of its provisions except that invalid clauses was the reason to one of the parties to enter into the contract in¬† this situation, such party shall have the right to submit to the court request to consider the whole contract void.

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