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Ben Arafa Group is proud to be a Saudi law firm that provides consultations, specialized legal services, and innovative solutions to help our clients achieve their goals based on experiences and competencies that have a long history in laws, court halls, and government regulations.


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Benarafa Group takes pride in being a Saudi law firm that provides specialized legal consultations and services, along with innovative solutions to help its clients achieve their interests. This is facilitated by a team of qualified lawyers and experienced consultants, confirming its ability to handle a wide range of legal matters professionally. This aligns with the ongoing developments and qualitative leaps in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group also values the importance of building sustainable relationships with its clients inside and outside the Kingdom, providing them with legal support of high quality and professionalism. The group firmly believes in the importance of the legal profession's societal service.

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Direct and effective daily communication with clients, government entities, and judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to provide the best services that align with the rapid developments in issuing and updating regulations within the Kingdom. This is accomplished through our high legal expertise and skills.

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Keeping pace with legal developments, economic growth, and the Saudi society presented by Vision 2030.


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Leadership and Excellence

The Benarafa Law and Legal Consultancy Group aspires to achieve leadership and excellence, being a legal company equipped with all the competitive elements in the field of legal consultancy and law practices. This is accomplished through effective and professional performance, delivering added value to its clients.

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A team of the most skilled and experienced employees with sufficient and comprehensive knowledge to assist you fully.


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